The Covid-19 Pandemic has proven a challenge not only for individuals, but businesses as well. But there are some who have seen this challenge as an opportunity rather than a hindrance to take their business to a whole new level in customer service digitalisation, such as MediaMarkt Austria. 


The safety measures and the Lockdown introduced in Austria meant that MediaMarkt had to close all of its stores for walk-in customers, and solely rely on online order delivery. When we at Algotech heard about this, we realised that one of our products, RegistR, could be perfectly applied to enable in-store order pick-ups for customer who wish to chose so. With RegistR, the customer can book an appointment for the pick-up upon recieving the confirmation for the arrival of the online order notification via email. The appointment booking will be confirmed with a digital ticket on the customersphone, so no paper is wasted on printing! With the help of this live-updated digital ticket, the customer will arrive at the store exactly on time, thus skipping on waiting in a queue and risking unnecessary contacts with others. 


Our solution is also integrated with the logistics system of MediaMarkt, the order number and the internal order identification number is automatically included in the appointment reservation, so the the order pick-up process for store employees is optimized and reduced to a minimal service time per customer. 


When we approached MediaMarkt with our proposal, they understood the concept and advantages immediately, and with common effort from both sides, we managed to get the MediaMarkt-taylored solution from scratch to a functioning, live system in a record time of less then a week. This included the setup, configuration, employee training, and country-wide launch. As our RegistR (and all our products) is 100% digital, all this had been achieved without the need of any personal contact, also encompassing in-store setups and launch. 


The number of pick-up appointment reservations from customers after the first couple of weeks exceeded all our expectations, and quickly hit the 20.000 mark, and 40.000 by the end of the first month, and counting. We regard this as a very good indicator and we are eager to continue working together and launching the solution for other services, such and Credit Service and SmartPoints.