StartR, the most compact, light, and easy to use queue management service is here and ready to rethink your business in a blink of an eye. Designed especially for KMUs, StartR offers all the basic features to get you started with a more effective line and capacity management.

As a customer, you can wait in line without having to be there, and you can spend your time in any way you want: your digital ticket will update in real-time, and tell you exactly when you have to be there. Join and exit without any hassle and with just a couple of clicks, anywhere, any time.

As a business owner, you can improve your in-store management by miles and save on costs at the same time. No more impatient customers and overwhelmed staff, just a simple and light digital interface and an all-digital system at your fingertips. Just as the solution, the queues are also fully digital. Your customers can spend their waiting time anyhow they like and reduce stress on your store employees.

No App download, no registration needed: Algotech StartR is all digital, remote-ready, and works in any kind of web browser. Making the most out of your time has never been easier!