Unlock the potential in the new era of Store and Workforce Management with Algotech CountR.

As a customer, you do not have to worry about huge crowds in-store anymore. Let it be the Covid-pandemic or any other reason you want to avoid the mass or peak times, CountR is there for you. You can easily inform yourself about the number of people in-store anytime and decide yourself whether you want to do your business now or come back at another time.

As a business owner you can easily monitor and manage the number of customers and employees in the store at any given time, create statistics, analyze them, and get the most out of your capacity. Find out what are your rush hours and calm periods, adjust your Point-of-Sale marketing, workforce management, opening and closing times, and much more with CountR. And with the possibility of installing diverse sensors and technical instruments, you can automate the whole process, and save time and costs every day.