Control your queues, avoid hefty administration, and offer a better customer experience with RegistR.

As a customer, you can join any queue for any kind of service on the spot with the help of store staff or by yourself, or remote via a couple of clicks and taps, or just by scanning a QR code. Don’t waste your time with waiting: your digital ticket will update real-time without delay and inform you whenever necessary.

As a business owner, you can improve your in-store management by miles and save on costs at the same time. No more impatient customers and overwhelmed staff, just a simple and light digital interface (and in any language you like), and an all-digital system at your fingertips. You can also offer extra services, such as VIP customer care and Fastlane, create multiple queues for all of your in-store activities. Just as the solution, the queues are also fully digital. Your customers can spend their waiting time anyhow they like and reduce stress on your store staff.

No App download, no registration needed: Algotech RegistR is all digital, remote-ready, and works in any kind of web browser. Manage lines and create a customer which makes them coming back!